E41: Kelsey Abbott Explains Human Design

How to Trust Your Intuition with Betsy LeFae and Kelsey Abbott

Our guest today is Kelsey Abbott. She is an intuitive human design and wealth coach, joy motivator, podcast host, and hippie-jock triathlete dedicated to helping you receive more peace of mind, joy, and abundance into your life.


Here is some of what you’ll find out in today’s episode:

  1. What is Human Design and how has it changed Kelsy’s life forever?
  2. Why we both fight for joy and what it means to us.
  3. How Kelsey’s experience of learning that her grandmother died without anyone telling her made her intuition terrify her.
  4. According to Human Design, what is Kelsey’s “greatest gift” and how it built her trust in her intuition.
  5. Why no one needs to be afraid of their intuition, even knowing in advance that someone is going to die.
  6. When Kelsey got into trouble because she got engaged but didn’t listen to her gut message on her own podcast.
  7. How even if you don’t listen or follow your intuition, you’re still not “wrong.”
  8. A moment when Kelsey followed her intuition despite logic and consistency.
  9. The difference between “feelings” and “emotions” in Human Design.
  10. Who has “emotions” and who doesn’t, according to Human Design.
  11. Kelsey reads Betsy’s chart.
  12. Does Betsy have her own emotions?
  13. What does it mean to have an “open throat” in Human Design.
  14. What does it mean to be a “fabulist”?
  15. Will Betsy have to wait another seven years to find a healthy relationship?
  16. What Kelsey says in Betsy’s painting proves that life gets better with age.
  17. What does it mean to be a “generator,” and why it doesn’t just mean waiting.
  18. How Kelsey and Betsy both feel about Akashic Record readings.
  19. How To Get Your Free Human Design Chart From Kelsey!
  20. Kelsey reveals Betsy’s greatest gift, and it blows her mind!

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