Anyone can learn the language of INtuition!

 You are in the right place.

This is your sign.

You can learn to trust your INtuition.

Can I really learn how to trust my INtuition?

INtuition is a language ANYONE can learn!

INtuition is a skill that can be learned and sharpened with practice.

This means anyone can learn it. You need explicit instruction and a safe practice space. LeFae has always taught practically and concretely. 

Having successfully taught thousands,
Betsy LeFae's sought-after Trust Yourself: INtuition School turns ten in 2023!

Easy to Follow, Step-by-Step, Proven Methods

Other sources lean towards the airy-fairy, just have faith approach. Although "LeFae" means "of the fairies," there is no "spiritual by-passing" or rose-colored glasses here.

Betsy LeFae's approach is pragmatic. She masterfully blends her trauma-informed background in Psychology, Social Work, Science, and Spirituality in an easy-to-understand way. 

LeFae believes you need bring this practice into your everyday life by being practical and grounded, otherwise there is no reason to learn it.

Don't take our word for it.
Listen to what the students say.

Of course, we can talk about how great INtuition is until the cows come home! However, these students have a lot to say about Trust Yourself: INtuition School, and we think you might want to hear it from them! 

The possibilities are endless when you trust yourself. 

Dedicated Expert Educator:

Betsy LeFae has always been passionate about empowering others. She brings decades of experience and expertise to the lessons. Students say her enthusiasm and joy are contagious.  

Learning is more accessible when you have an excellent instructor to hold your hand as you learn.