E40: Kareen Walsh, the real-life Wendy Rhodes from Billions

How to Trust Your Intuition with Betsy LeFae and Kareen Walsh

Our guest today is Kareen Walsh, real-life Wendy Rhodes from Billions and executive trainer for people at Suite-C level.

Kareen has mastered integrating her heart of service, medical training, and business knowledge to help entrepreneurs and C-suite leaders in any industry do what they love every day.


Here is some of what you’ll find out in today’s episode:

  1. Are all leaders in the C-suite narcissists?
  2. What makes the C-suite different from other people?
  3. Number one difficulty senior managers face, and almost everyone (perhaps you too) struggles with.
  4. What to focus on instead of the result to achieve success in anything.
  5. What it means to be a “guide” for clients and what it takes.
  6. What survival mode has to do with intuition.
  7. What Kareen is building to create an alternative to the lack of control we have on social media.
  8. And, of course, what happened to Kareen when she didn’t trust her intuition and the amazing story of what she accomplished when she did.

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If you don’t trust yourself, who will?